2020 The Year Of The Introverts

My story, who is introverted and living with social anxiety, who loves people.

The pandemic is likely to come up, but you can control what you talk about if you want to have a normal conversation outside topics that may cause even more stress.

Introverts Are Low maintenance

Introverts are largely independent as they’re not stimulated by or reliant on other people. An introvert typically enjoys time spent alone without unwanted engagement and uses it to recharge their batteries. Today’s society puts a great deal of emphasis on teamwork and being a team player.

But introverts often prefer to work independently, which mean that they require less supervision at work.

Introverts Are Measured

Introverts reflect and observe rather than react and respond. Decisions may take a little longer, but they have been properly considered and there is less likelihood of a change of heart.

All of which makes introverts good problem solvers, critical thinkers, planners and, often good salespeople.

Introverts Are Good friends

Introverts prefer quality relationships over quantity. They are discriminating in who they allow into their world, and they value and nurture the relationships they develop. Introverts really listen to what the other person is trying to say in conversation rather than focusing on how they might interject with their own contribution.

Introverts are often more interested in receiving information than divulging it, which makes them very good secret keepers too!

Introverts Are Knowledgeable

Introverts are the experts in concentration. They can immerse themselves in their own activities like research or writing for extended periods of time.

Introverts enjoy learning and discovering new things and think that knowledge is power. But they are also happy to share that expertise with others.

Introverts Are Self-aware

Introverts tend to enjoy thinking about and examining things in their own minds. Including their own preferences, feelings, and motivations, how others see them, and how they fit into the world.

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