Some see them separately, few see them as one. Let’s clear the air!

There are humans around the world who call themselves UI/UX Designers and not sure who has the major stake, UX, or UI. Let’s take a look at it.

In the industry, there are UX Designers and UI Designers, and both of them have their responsibilities. …

My story, who is introverted and living with social anxiety, who loves people.

In a world where we’re often encouraged to speak up, stand out, and make ourselves heard, it feels like the introvert has become the poor relation to their noisier extrovert cousins.

These days, the conversation starter is…

Your customers don’t think about “channels” when reaching out to you; they simply look for the most convenient way to connect at that moment.

What is digital omnichannel in CX?

Digital omnichannel are digital communication touchpoints to create a unified view of the customer. …

Studies have shown that 86% of your customers would be willing to pay more for a better CX.

Customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX): You’ve heard these terms and how they’re the key to your company’s success. Many aren’t clear, however about what the difference is between the two…

Pause and rethink on how you’re investing in these six areas of your life.

How do you rethink yourself in each of these areas?

There are Six Dimensions of Wellness and it allows you to plan your priorities. This will help you achieve your full potential, recognise your whole self, and build upon your strengths.

The six dimensions of the…

Micromanagement is the ultimate controlling management style. It’s demoralising and counter-intuitive, as the desire for control to make sure everything goes to plan only creates more problems in the long-term.

Even the best hands-on managers may fall into patterns of micromanagement. When you micromanage, you wasted your own time, and…

Principles of UX Design — Chapter 3 of 9

Chapter 3

UX Project Planning and Process

You might be thinking: process and creativity don’t mix.

You might have heard this from UX and design people, or you’re one of those people. The extreme ends of the opinion are dangerous: businesses tend to be overly tied to process.

Principles of UX Design — Chapter 2 of 9

Chapter 2

Applying UX as your practice and the roles that involved in it.

Roles that involved in UX practice:

  • User experience designer
  • Visual designer
  • User experience architect
  • Information architect
  • User experience strategist
  • Interaction designer

Are you confused about which role does what in UX ?

UX is the practice: strategy, user research, information architecture…

Wasim Latif

Let’s talk about better Human Experience | Award Winner for Creativity & Innovation | Researcher | UX/UI Designer

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